Monday, February 16, 2015

Monster Monday: Shadhavar - Evil Carnivorous Unicorn

Today's Monster Monday is the Shadhavar, an evil, twisted version of the unicorn.  Shadhavars have rough black hair, poisonous horns, the ability to magically disguise themselves, and a taste for the flesh of the innocent.

Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764, Folio 10v : Unicornis, via Wikimedia
It's really hard to find a public domain picture of a black unicorn that 
doesn't look like a Lisa Frank folder, so enjoy this derpy Medieval unicorn instead.
You know what unicorns look like - just imagine it black and sinister looking.  
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monster Monday: Argonaut - Giant Ship-Killing Nautilus Used as a Living Submarine

Today's Monster Monday is the argonaut, a species of gargantuan nautilus that hunts the vast ocean depths, preying on whales, sea-serpents, and even ships.  Some aquatic races have even learned to control these mighty beasts, modifying the empty chambers of their shells and using the creatures as living submarines.

Photo: Manuae via Wikimedia
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Monday, February 2, 2015

GotWK Campaign Part 3: Bored at the Board Meeting

This is an account of part 3 of my ongoing campaign set in my homebrewed wild west setting, Guns of the Western Kings.  Get caught up with the previous parts here.  

Top row: Face the paladin, Heather the witch, Bjorn the barbarian, Falco the acrobat
Front Row: Rusty the alchemist, Skip the warpriest, Dawne the sorceress, Ash the ranger
The party was understandably pretty horrified that the wizard Ixander Cleve and the railroad were massacring orcs, but there was little they could do against a man who could control what one party member described as 'machine gun golems' - larger versions of the gun sentry they had fought earlier, but armed with gatling guns.  In the end, all they could do was accept Cleve's offer to take the other rescued captives back to Fort Crawdon while the party set off with Deuclair Mining Company representative Hanc Growlon to investigate the Sunbeam Silver Mine.